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Think it over!

Have you ever stopped to wonder what this life is all about;

Why you're here and where you're going when your lease of time runs out?

Maybe you've been far too busy, trying hard to reach your goal;

Would you let me ask you kindly-have you thought about your soul?

You may reach the highest goals, and your dreams may all come true;

Wealth and fame maybe your portion, and success may shine on you.

All your friends may sing your praises, not a care on you may roll;

What about the great tomorrow - have you thought about your soul?

If you’ve never thought it over, spend a little time today;

There is nothing more important that will ever come your way,

Than the joys of sins forgiven, and to know you’ve been made whole;

In the name of Christ,my Saviour - have you thought about your soul?


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