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Hi there! My name is Happ-ee!


Welcome to my Bible e-study page for cool kids.

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Want to earn a little prize? You will see a space at the bottom of each e-lesson where you can fill in your details and send off your lesson for marking. There are prizes for clever e-friends who send in complete lessons, so see if you can earn some!  

Hello my clever e-friends! Some of us are hiding out on this webpage, in the kids' lessons from Course 2 onwards. It's a cool place to hang out, because in there you can read Bible stories, colour some lovely pictures and do lots of puzzles. We know that you e-kids are a smart bunch, so keep a sharp eye out for some of my other e-friends as you travel through the lessons, which get a bit harder the further you go! 

(Australia only!)

We all like having fun, but we want to make sure you learn the really important truths of the Bible, so each lesson has a memory verse, telling us what God's Word is teaching us. The e-lessons are full of Bible stories and teachings from the life of Jesus which help us to understand how He came into the world to be our Saviour. 

It's very, very important that you put your trust in Jesus, so you can be forever in Heaven.

Have a read through the e-lessons and you will find out a bit more about Jesus and the wonderful Bible that God has given us.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - we are very happy to receive emails from your parents or friends and will do our best to answer quickly.  

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