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South Australia
Ministry Weekend 2021

ONLINE 17-22 September 2021

We live in unusual times! Who would have thought in September 2019, when we had our Ministry Weekend, that we would not be able to meet as we have done for the past 6 years!

We are sad indeed that we cannot meet collectively and listen as the Word of God is brought by the spirit of God, through His servants, to His redeemed people.  We know that nothing can replace the uniqueness of the gathering of the saints together. We learn so vividly at a time like this the vital need for personal relationship, restoration, and rest in Christ. To strengthen and encourage God's people, we intend to have online ministry during the period from 17-23 Sept. We trust that as the Word of God is brought to us, in spite of the medium used, we might be personally and collectively refreshed and even recovered to the ways of our God. (Ministry sessions are held in fellowship with the assemblies gathered at Devon Park and at Norman St, Adelaide, South Australia.) 


The table below outlines the proposed meeting times and the speakers involved. Please pray for our dear brethren who have kindly agreed to help. It is not so easy for them to speak to a screen rather than directly to an audience.